The Al Foell / FAR Aircraft LT-40 electric trainer.The engine starts EVERY TIME and NEVER stalls in flight!

Plane is a rebuilt ARF. Motor is equivalent to a .46 glow, so has lots of power. Can take off like a jack-rabbit.

Converted to a tail-dragger with forgiving landing gear. Very stable taxing on less than ideal turf.

Plane at first assembly.

Al's ready.

Front landing gear.

Tail wheel and spring 'shocks'.


Motor: TURNIGY 50-55B 600kv Outrunner (Eq.4120/14)
Battery - 5 cell 4,900 Lipo: Rhino 4900mAh 5S1P 20C Lipoly Pack
70 amp Speed Control: SuperSimple 70A ESC
Simple battery charger: Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 5A Bal/Chrg